nedjelja, 12. siječnja 2020.


Finally! The most wonderful time of the year was here. I’m not exactly sure where this post is going but I just want to share with you this Christmas time that finished week ago. Last few weeks I spent my days doing ‘Christmassy’ things if that’s even a thing haha! I drank boiled wine, ate germknödel, went on ice skating, watched Christmas movie in Cinestar,... All these things were even more exciting because here were my boyfriend and one of my best friends. I know that I have enjoyed every second of this time of the year.
However, hope you’ll enjoy these photos which are edited in retro style! 

petak, 10. siječnja 2020.


Merry Christmas my loves! Hope you had so much fun these days and hope you spent your holidays with people you love! Now let’s get back to this post! First of all, I love seeing these kind of videos/posts so I decided to show you what I bought my friends and family and also what I got from them as a Christmas gift. I couldn't write this earlier so I'm sorry I'm late, but however hope you'll have fun reading this! 

First thing I bought is beanie for my boyfriend. He was saying he doesn’t have any so I decided that’s going to be my Christmas present. He really liked it and he liked the thing with pom pom - he had never had that kind of beanie. I also bought him one of his favourite candies which have special story that I’m gonna tell someday haha!

The thing he bought me are nails. Not actual nails but appointment at the pedicurer. I was talking so much about how I want my nails finally done so I finally did them and I’m so thankful for that. :)

Next thing is thing I bought my roomate. I really liked this phone case so I decided to order it and give it to her. I also bought her kinder bueno package - her literally favourite candy ever! And last thing are these gloves, she neeeeeded gloves so badly because when she goes to work it is sooooo cold, so think she'll like it! (this was written before I gave presents to them).

Gift I liked the most is from my roomate. She gave me two mirrors. Like guys, I’m obsessed with room decoring, and now she gave me rose gold mirror. Absolutely fav!! She also gave me little mirror with my name on it and meaning of my name.

My bestie has always wanted to try macaroons so I decided to buy her little package of macaroons and she absolutely fell in love with them. I also bought her little necklace which looks so cute and has little key on it with heart.

The gift from her was huuuge! She gave me backpack and I loved it soo sooo much! Like pink is my fav colour now! She also gave me earrings. I love wearing earrings and she knows it very well!

The person who means so much to me is my boyfriend’s mom. We were together shopping and I saw her looking at Christmas socks so I thought why woludn’t I buy her some Christmas socks. Then I found these ones at muller and bought them. I also gave her little Milka because I love gifts with chocolate :)

And last but not least is her gift to me. She bought me slippers which are so warm and cosy. Also my boyfriend’s grandma gave me chocolate but I didn’t photographed it because it was eaten before I even remembered that I need it for my post haha! However hope you liked my post, I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you also got at least yourself presents you wanted. Enjoy your holidayss, till next year!