petak, 22. prosinca 2017.


Lately I have been looking for some site which has cheap things and I found one - STYLEBEST which you can find HERE. 
I decided to make a post where I'm going to show you three things I would chose from this site and which I would wear as one outfit. It is pretty elegant so I hope you'll like it.

First thing I liked is this dress. It looks so elegant and I really liked it because it looks like it is off shoulder dress but actually it has this floral print. It's great for going out or some very important event. 
You can find it HERE.  

 Next thing I really liked are these heels which you can also find in colour of champagne. I actually liked that one (champagne) better but I found the bag which goes pretty well with these heels so I decided to show you these ones instead. 
You can find them HERE. 

And the last thing that I'm going to show you is this bag which goes pretty well with heels... I really like it and I have similar bag which is great! 
You can find it HERE. 

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  1. Divan blog :) -novi post i novi zimski izgled bloga :)

  2. It's really a cool post! Thank you! )))

  3. A Little black dress is always a good choice.
    xxx Andrea

  4. Dress is amazing!

    I hope that you visit my blog and maybe stay for longer!

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    Elwira Charmuszko

  5. Sounds really interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)