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Hello everybody!
Today I'm writing another post... But now it's about these beautiful dresses which you can find on site named PickeDresses which you can find HERE.
I visited their offer and it is amazing, so many beautiful dresses with low prices (well for that kind of dresses it is low)... I really liked almost every dress there so you gotta know there is pretty big offer. 

 Prom Dresses Canada : CLICK CLICK CLICK


Elegant A-line V-neck Tulle Floor-length with Appliques Lace Prom Dress : CLICK CLICK CLICK

 This dress is like wow... This is one of my favourite dresses from this site... It is so elegant and this print looks so pretty.

Scoop Neck Lavender Chiffon Sweep Train Appliques Lace Original Prom Dresses : CLICK CLICK CLICK

Next one I like so much... I mean look at it... The best thing with this dress is this neck part which is so gorgeous. 

Scoop Neck Silk-like Satin Short/Mini Tiered Boutique Backless Prom Dress: CLICK CLICK CLICK

The best thing with this dress is it's colour. I love yellow dresses and this one is perfect.

Two Piece A-line Sweetheart Tulle Ruffles Knee-length Popular Prom Dress : CLICK CLICK CLICK

 This dress is apsolutely beautiful. It is so elegant and it's colour goes with everything (with every colour).

Fashion Sweetheart Jersey Sweep Train Trumpet/Mermaid Prom Dresses : CLICK CLICK CLICK 

And last but not least is this mermaid dress which I personally like so much. I usually don't like dresses without sleeves but this one is pretty amazing.


Hello everybody!
Recently I have found one amazing site and I really liked it. I'm talking about POPREAL which you can find HERE.

It has clothes for babies and children...It is soooo cute, you have to check it!

I'll show you three things I really liked there and before that you have to see their offer :
toddler girls skirts :   CLICK CLICK CLICK

First thing I really liked are these 'princesss shoes'... I mean look at them, they are soooo cute. This is defietely something you can definetely buy to your little sister or kid. 

Rivet Girls Princess Shoes : CLICK HERE.

Second thing is this dress which you can find in two colours. Every girl would look super cute in this and it's perfect for some events where you have to bring your child.

Cute Design Overalls Dresses :  CLICK HERE.


 And last thing is this so cute romper with watermelon print and with headband.... I mean look at it.. Do I have to say anything else? Super cute!


Fly Sleeve Watermelon Pattern Romper With Headband : CLICK HERE. 



And one more offer you have to see (where you can find rompers like this one) is this offer: 

 toddler rompers : CLICK CLICK CLICK


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ZAFUL - Valentine's Day

I'm writing another post today. Now I'm talking about Zaful's Valentine's day. They have special offers for Valentine's day which you can see by clicking on it ---> valentine day special.
I'll show you now things I ordered so this is kind of a wishlist... Hope you'll like the things I ordered. 

This kind of a shirt I was looking for a long time and now I finally found it. I really like this colour, it's great!
It's in one size so that's great because it is for everyone. You can find it in seven colours. 

Second thing I was looking for a long time is this kind of a scarf. I really like it and it looks so warm. Can't wait to have it!
I also ordered three kinds of oval earrings, but I'll show you that in one of other posts.

And last thing is this beanie which is available in wine red and white colour. I have one similar beanie and I have to say it is very warm. 


Welcome to another post!
Today I'm writing about one amazing site with very good and cheap offer. They sell a lot of things and I like many things from there. I'm talking about site YOINS which you can find HERE.

Today I'm going to show you a few thing I really liked there and before that you have to see their special offers...
And now I'm going to show you three things I really liked from there.  

First thing is this

Active Hooded Design High Waisted Velvet Tracksuit in Drak Blue.

I really liked it especially because of colour. This colour is amazing and I think it would go perfectly with heels. I really like this one!



Next thing I really liked is this

Silky Sexy Deep V-neck Backless Slip Dress in Yellow.

I really liked it because of it's colour. It looks so good and it is so elegant but also casual. It is for every opportunity. It would also go with heels very nicely.


 And last but not least are these

Black Suede Lace-up High Heels.

I have similar to these and I just love them so much. They are so pretty and they would go with this dress before very well. Love the part where it laces up.

utorak, 9. siječnja 2018.

'5 affordable bags from Stylebest'

Hello everybody!
Another post I'm writing today and hope you'll like it... It's about 5 affordable bags from site Stylebest which you can find HERE.

Let's get into the post -->  

First bag I liked from this site is this one which is right now available in black, red and blue colour. Black is casual colour which goes with everything so I decided to show you this one. I usually don't like bags which has this shape, but I actually liked this one.

Shoulder Messenger Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

Second bag I really liked is this one... It's kind of special, actually I have never seen like this bag so I had to put it in this post... You can also buy it in red and black colour but I liked this one the best. 

Dual Purposes Shoulder Messenger Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

This one I liked because of all that details it has... You can find it in a little brighter version and in black version.  

Flower Mini PU Chain Shoulder Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

Next one is a little bigger than others but I like that kind of bags too. In other colours I don't like it that much but in this gray colour I like it very much. 

Fashion PU Tote Shoulder Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

This bag I liked in black colour but it isn't available anymore... Anyway it looks fine in this colour too, but I like it much more in black. 

Dual Buckles Cross Body Mini Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

You can also get 35 % off with the
Coupon for whole site: MCSTBEST

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MAKEUP LOOK INSPIRED BY SAAMO PETRAA - black smokey eyes / Rosegal, Gamiss, Dresslily

Pozdrav svima!
Sretnu 2018. sam vam poželjela u jednom drugom postu koji sam ipak odlučila kasnije objaviti. 
Za danas sam vam pripremila jedan malo drugačiji post od mojih prijašnjih... Radi se o makeup looku koji sam vidjela na youtubeu od Saamo Petree te odlučila nešto slično tome i napraviti... Nadam se da će vam se svidjeti, a kako je ispalo vidite na slici gore, te na kraju posta imate još par slikica. 
Video koji me inspirirao možete pronaći OVDJE.

Hello everybody!
Happy 2018th I already said in one post that I didn't post yet, just to let you know hah.
For today's post I decided to write you a little bit different post than before... It's all about the makeup look I saw on Saamo Petraa's youtube channel so I decided to make something similar to it... Hope you'll like it and how it turned out you can see on photo at the beggining of the post and at the end you have a few more photos.
Video that inspired me you can find HERE. 

Nakon što sam nanijela puder, odlučila sam iz palete (koju možete pronaći na sajtu Rosegal) koristiti 2. nijansu u 1. redu na područje ispod očiju te na sva ostala područja koja sam željela posvjetliti.

After I have put my powder, I used second colour in first line of palette from Rosegal and I put it under the eyes and on all other places I wanted to be brighter on my face.  


Nakon toga napravila sam konturu sa Double-Headed Highlighter Concealer Stickom u nijansi 01. Također sadrži i highlighter koji sam koristila kasnije. Nakon što sam sve to nanijela, sa beauty blenderom sam sve to dobro izblendala.

After that I did my contour with this Double-Headed Highlighter Concealer Stick in the shade 01. It also has highlighter which I used later. After all that I used my beauty blender and I blended it all.

Gamiss Highlighter Concealer Stick : CLICK CLICK CLICK

Zatim kako se ne bih sjajila stavila sam na lice puder u kamenu sa četkicom iz prije navedenog seta koji možete pronaći OVDJE.

Later I put this compact powder with the brush from set I already mentioned at the beggining of the post which you can find HERE. 

Zatim sam koristila gel za obrve sa sajta Dresslily, te četkicu koja se dobila uz jednu od paleta (link pred kraj posta).  Moram priznati da mi je puno lakše raditi obrve pomoću gela. 

Then I used eyebrow gel from site Dresslily, and the brush I got with one of the palettes I used in this post (link at end of a post-well almost end). I have to say, it's much easier to do eyebrows with this.


Nakon toga sam stavila highlighter ispod obrva te na sva ostala područja na koja se highlighter stavlja.

After that I put highlighter under the eyebrows and on the other places that usually highlighter goes. 

A sada prelazimo na oči... Prvo sam stavila essence korektor na oči u ulozi primera, a nakon toga koristila redoslijedom boje kako je navedeno na slikama, te posljednju boju koristila kao highlighter. Četkice koje sam koristila dobila sam uz prvu paletu. 

And now it is turn on eyes... First I put my essence concealer which has function of primer, and after that I used colours as you can see on photos... Last colour I used as highlighter. Brushes I used I got with first palette. 


Nakon toga sam još za kraj stavila ispod oka FARMASI tuš te to malo izblendala, a nakon toga zalijepila trepavice koj su kao i ljepilo sa Rosegala.

At the end I put FARMASI eyeliner under the eye and I blend it a little bit. I also put false lashes from the same site as glue - Rosegal.  


Na usne sam stavila catrice olovku, ali samo na rubove te essence tekući ruž. 

On my lips I put catrice lipliner and essence lipgloss.

subota, 30. prosinca 2017.

New Year's Eve Outfit Idea

Pozdraav svima! Božić prošao, a u novu godinu vrlo skoro ulazimo. Upravo za tu prigodu sam vam odlučila pokazati jednu outfit ideju koja se meni posebice sviđa za ovakve prigode. Pošto sam čula da crveni outfit za Novu Godinu donosi sreću, i moj outfit je te iste boje. Na nogama nosim štikle, a šos i košulju sam slučajno primjetila da imam u istoj boji. Posebice sam bila oduševljena pri kupnji ove košulje (koja je iz New yorkera) rukavima. 

 Hello everybody! Christmas ended and we are soon going to enter a new year. That's why I decided to show you one outfit idea for that event. I heard that if you wear red on a New Year's Eve it will bring you luck (and as you can see I'm wearing that colour). When I was buying this shirt (which was bought in New yorker) the thing I really liked were sleeves. I am also wearing heels and a skirt which is in the same colour as shirt.