petak, 20. rujna 2019.

Cooking With Me #3 - Mini Chessecake

Andddd welcome to my new post!
Today it's time for my new serial of cooking with me. Today, as you can see I'm going to make cheesecake but MINI. I love them and for every cheesecake lover this is perfect because it's not that hard. Let's go!

First things you need are butter and tea cakes. Now you're going to see what do you need to do with it : 


    After that you need to mix that 2 things and put them about 1 cm in muffin calups ... Photo -> 

    Now you have to mix cheese, 1-2 big spoons of sugar and one egg. After it gets texture you just have to but it in the previous muffin calups and put it in the fridge. And that's it. Voila! :)


subota, 7. rujna 2019.

Endless Summer Outfit / Rosegal

Hello everyone and welcome back!
Last two days weren't that nice, but despite that, I catched the day which was apsolutely amazing. It was sunny and day was long and I was going to have a dinner with my girls because of birthay that one of them had... It was just great, I loved it! 
Anyways, I have always a few things that I haven't worn yet and one of them was this white dress which I got myself last Summer. I thought this was perfect ocassion for the dress, summer and dinner - great combo. 
Hope you'll enjoy in post and photos, love youu!


četvrtak, 5. rujna 2019.

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to talk about new site that I recently have found. I really like the idea of customing your necklace the way you want.

The link where you can find it is here -->  Custom-Necklace
I'm going to show you the items I really liked, enjoy! :)

First thing I really like is necklace with your name on it. They have different fonts which is awsome and except gold and silver they have rose gold which is my apsolute favorite. I also liked this one :

Another offer which you can find by clicking on link is this one :
mothers jewelry

The things I really liked from there are this : 

These two are awsome as a gift to your mother for any occasion for example, Mother's day, Christmas, her birthday, etc.
It's great for a gift for everyone especially the second one where you can put names of you and your best friend or maybe your name and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Perfect for gift!

Also I liked this one :
Platinum plated birthstone... Isn't it beautiful! Love it so much. It looks so elegant and yet has engraving where except some quote you can write someone's name or something similar. I personally like it really much!

And last but not least offer is this one :

Another thing which is maybe even greater for mother's gift is this one, ringstone with the names of her children. I think this one is just made for mother's with three kids but you can always do something like if your mother has 2 kids you can put her name as the third name or if you're only child you can put your name, her name and a heart in the middle. Isn't it great? Love this one.

Hope you liked the post and please leave a comment and click on links. Let me know if you have ever ordered something from here and if you're going to let me know what. Byeeeee :)