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Pozdrav drage moje! 
Nakon taaaaako dugog vremena pišem vam post i to vama i meni najdražu vrstu posta - outfit. Za danas sam vam pripremila jedan skroz elegantan outfit koji je uslikan u mojoj sobi. Nadam se prvenstveno da vam se soba sviđa, a što se tiče outfita, meni je predivan , a nadam se da ce i vama biti! 
Kombinezon možete pronaći u linku na kraju posta!

Hello my girls!
After sooo long I'm wiriting you a post which is for most of you and for me the favourite kind of posts - outfits. Today I'm going to show you one elegant outfit which is photographed in my room, hope you like it. Also, I reaaaaly like this jumsuit, it's so elegant, so I hope you'll like it as much as I do! 
You can find jumpsuit at the end of a post by clicking on link.


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Hello babes!
So today I'm going to show you one amazing site which has awesome clothes!
As you can see in title, the site is CICILOOSHOP and you can find it by clicking on side banner. It has a lot of great clothes which has a great quality... However I'm going to show you clothes that they offer just so you can see how expanded content they have.
One of great offers they have is lace bodycon dress.

Deep V Neck  Decorative Buttons  Plain  Long Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

Here is one gorgeous dress that is somehow casual but also  very serious. I like the colour and the details it has. It costs only 22$.

Off Shoulder  Decorative Lace  Plain  Bell Sleeve  Long Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

 Second dress is this sooooooo pretty dress that I'm absolutely in love with! Like look at it, soooo pretty!!!
Love the colour and the sleeves and the shape of it, absolutely everything!  It costs 25 $ which isn't big price for something so beautiful like this!

Second part of the post are different kind of dresses before :

 Off Shoulder  Belt  Plain  Bell Sleeve  Long Sleeve Skater Dresses

So this dress is for Spring and Summer and I would like to wear it definetely because it looks so comfortable and yet so pretty.
It costs 28 $.

 V Neck  Dot  Bell Sleeve Skater Dresses

 And the last one is this beauuuuutiful white dress, like I want them all. This site has so pretty dresses I can't even decide which do I like the most. This one costs 27 $.

These kind of dreses are named formal skater dresses.

srijeda, 27. veljače 2019.


Hello everybody!
Today I'm going to show you my Lilacoco wishlist for which I'm really satisfied with. There are soooo many beautiful things to buy I almost couldn't decided what to order. 

However it has the things that wear even famous like KylIe Jenner.
You can find it here --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

First thing on my wishlist is this amaizing dress, apsolutely love it!
It's perfect for Summer evenings, just love it!
You can find it here --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

Second thing I want for such a long time are these sunnies which are perfect for weather that is comming... However these are very popular lately so here they are if you want to order them --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

And last but not least is this awesome bikini, like look at it, PERFECT! 
they have much more bikinis so if you're interestest you better go check it out.
This one you can find --> HERE 

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Hello everybody! I found out years ago amaizing website where you can order amazing clothes or shoes. The prices are great and available to everyone. 
They are having an amazing WHOLESALE clothing, you can click down there and see their page, it's awesome! It's based in Ljubljana, but shipping eveywhere around the Europe.

Here are a few dresses I really like : 

First dress I really liked is this one... This colour and the shape of it, apsolutely love it! This is great for occasions as weddings, proms or something similar. 

Second one I really liked is this beauuutiful dress also for occasions. Look at the details it has, amaizing! I am soooo in love with this dress.

And the last one I prepared is this one, I mean look at this gorgeous royal blue colour, isn't it one of the most beautiful colours. Also I love how this dress looks on a women and how it follows the figure.

However, another thing you should know about this site is that the minimal value is 150 euros and that you can mostly order dresses or jackets which is great because that are the most looked for things so WHOLESALE clothing is great if you're looking for something like that :)
The website is opened just to traders and shops than need furniture at great prices, private customers can not buy from this website.

subota, 12. siječnja 2019.

Christmas - NY eve outfit / ROSEGAL

Pozdrav moji ljudi!
2019. je počela, a meni se zaista sviđa njezin tijek za sad... Svaki dan je ispunjen i odvija se baš onako kako bi svatko poželio - pun ljubavi, zanimljivih događaja i novih ljudi, a upravo takvu 2019.-tu vam ja želim. Ako nije počela kako treba tu je još 353 dana da ju popravite i učinite najboljom godinom do sad. Stoga žellim vam sretnu 2019.-tu godinu i da napravite ono što želite, a niste bili u prilici do sad. 

Da ne duljim, ovaj outfit je slikan još u vrijeme Božića, pa i malo prije, ali tek danas dobiva priliku biti objavljen, uživajte u slikama i haljini i javite mi svoje dojmove te kako za sad provodite dane u novoj 2019. godini! :)

Hello my friends!
2019 has arrived, and I really like how things had turned out for now... Everyday is full of love, interesting events and new people, and exactly that I want you to have in new 2019 year. If it didn't start as you wanted there are 353 more days to get it right and make it the best year 'til now. So in this new 2019 year I want you to do things you couldn't make before, HAPPY NEW YEAR guysss!

Anyway this is an outfit which was photographed even before Christmas but it now got a chance to be published, hope you'll like the photos and the dress, let me know what you think in comments and how it is for you to be in 2019! :)


utorak, 8. siječnja 2019.


Hello everybody!
Today I'm going to show you one very cute site where you can find a lot of interesting things!
I find it great and I think everyone can find something for them.

They have this special offer where you can find pretty nice things and attractive dresses.. Here are few I liked -->

High Neck  Lace Up  Plain  Sleeveless Bodycon Dresses

First of them is this gorgeous dress which I'm absolutely obsessed with, You can find it HERE. 
It is white which is classic so you can wear the colour you want with it, I love it!

Backless  Color Block  Lace Bodycon Dresses
Second dress that I actually have in my wardrobe is this royal blue dress, 
I have the same but in yellow colour. I actually like this one even better. You can find it HERE.(click)

Round Neck  Letters Plain Bodycon Dresses

Third dress I like a lot is this one, which looks so cozy and comfortable. 
I reaaaally like it and I want one in my wardrobe, definetely something every girl needs. 
You can wear it everywhere literally, it can be elegant and yet sportish. You can find it by clicking on this LINK.

Second offer that I saw and it intriged me was this one :

Here are some things I liked and want to show you :

Off Shoulder  Belt  Plain  Bell Sleeve  Long Sleeve Skater Dresses

First of them is this pretty dress in this beauuuutiful pink colour, I love it is soo girly, absolutely my style :)
It can be worn with shoes, heels or even sneakers... If you're interested in buying it go and CLICK HERE.

Halter  Backless  Belt Loops  Plain  Sleeveless Skater Dresses

Second one is this white dress, so easy to wear and simple. It looks perfect for summer nights walks. Loooove it oh my God!
If you're interested in you can find it HERE.

Spaghetti Strap  Backless  Abstract Print  Sleeveless Skater Dresses

Third one whose print I'm also having in my wardrobe is this one. I think it looks great and it's one of my favourite dresses, perfect for spring. This dress I would personally wear with sandals but you can wear it with whatever you want, it just have to be appropriate for occasion. 
You can find it here --> CLICK

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 Hello everybody!
Welcome to my new post, today I'm going to show you some really cool site which is called
This is the site where you can find a lot of interesting things as hoodies or some other clothes. 
Hope you'll like things I'm going to show you --> 

  fashion jackets CLICK CLICK CLICK

These two jackets are jackets which I really like, first one has this specific green colour and I absolutely love it! Second one has this camouflage print which is very popular and for me very nice. Both of these two jackets you can find on link up there.

Okay this hoodie on the left, I mean look at it..It's absolutely stunning, definetely something I want and need in my wardrobe. It is over-sized which I personally looooove, and second one; look at that material, it is like you're wearing a blanked, soo cool!

 cute hoodies CLICK CLICK CLICK