petak, 9. veljače 2018.


Recently I have found one amazing online shopping site. You can find that site here -->
It sells amazing and beautiful dresses, you have to check it if you need some elegant dress for prom, wedding or something like that. It also has two great offers : 
1. dresses for mother of the bride 
As you can tell by it's name, you can find some beautiful dresses for older person as your mother or someone... Of course if you like some dress from this offer you can also wear it haha.

2. mother of the bride knee length dresses
This is the second one.. It's also great!

Now I'm going to show you some dresses I liked :

This dress looks fabolous... I mean look at it, it looks so perfect, I like it so much. You can find it in soooo many colours. 
You can find it here. 

This colour is apsolutely gorgeous, I love it so much as this whole dress. You can also find it in so many colours. 
You can find it here. 

I'm sooo in love with this dress. I love all these details especially it's back (love everything silver :D ). Also like this colour.
You can find it here.

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