četvrtak, 23. travnja 2020.


Hello everyone!
I wanted to show you another lovely site. It looks pretty amazing and has great things, I'm going to show you fav things from it.

First of all, it's called SHAPELLX and it sells bodysuits,waist treiners etc. shapewear exactly. You can find it by clicking here -> shapewear by Shapellx

However, now I'm going to show you few things I liked from this site.

 This ITEM you can find here -> waist and thigh trainer
First item I wanted to show you is this one. I got to say on this site you can find a lot of items that are on SALE now and this one is too. It's 35% off now and costs $62,40. The thing about this site that I really liked are all those benefits you get by buying something. For example, when you buy something over $70 you don't have to pay shipping. Also there are a lot of things you can find in this PRESALE - If you buy one item, second you get by paying it 25% less (discount code- SX25). Also you can get 20% off on the order that costs more than $200.  

Shapellx Latex 25 Steel bone Sculpting Latex Waist Trainer

Second thing I wanted to show you are waist trainers - best waist trainer 
I love these kind of things and the thing that really made me surprised is that for every item they sell these is a video down below showing how to put these on yourselves. I think that's great as the fact that you can get 10% off by signing up with discount code SX2020. 

Hope you liked this kind of post and if you did let me know in comments. I really liked this site and I think it's great because it's not classic site where you can find clothes. This kind of site isn't basic and that's cool for me. Also not every site has video how to wear something and put it on yourself, which is sooo helpful, like guys even I didn't know how to wear this without youtube video.

Don't forget while ordering and shopping to use discount codes!


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  1. This looks so interesting! Thanks for sharing, dear xx

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  2. Hi! Interesting products. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  3. Hi dear, your blog is so beautiful. I really like it.
    Follow for follow? I already follow you. Btw I am the new one and I would appreciate it.


  4. very cool site;)
    I wanted to observe you but I can't find this option with you. That's why I will find you on Instagram and observe you there :)

  5. Looks interesting, but shapewear isn't for me!