petak, 15. siječnja 2021.

What I got for Christmas?

 Hello everyone and welcome to my new post finally!

I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas because there were lovely Christmas presents and I just have to show them to you, so let’s begin!

First one is this Foreo device. I wanted this badly and I even said that I’m going to take care of my face better in 2021. My boyfriend bought this and I can not tell you how I like this present. He also got me Foreo face masks which you have to order separated from foreo device, how cute is that?

Next thing is this banana hair mask which smells soooooo good, I want to eat it! Anyways  I got this hair mask from my mum and I love it, it’s perfect for my type of hair.

One of my favourite candies is Rafaello which I got from my boyfriend’s gradma, bingo with that definetely!

Next gift is from one of for me very good friends. She bought me this cute little black bag which you can wear with anything and it will look good. My black bag was so old so this was great replacement for it.

One of my friends doesn’t speak English at all. I mean she knows few words and that’s it. She bought me this shirt but it’s a funny story behind it. She bought me the t-shirt saying that this influence that is written on the t-shirt means that I am an influencer and that that’s why she bought it for me. When she realized what it actually means she was ashamed but I think it is so so cuuuute!

Next gift I got from my boyfriend’s mum. It is this soft, comfy and yet warm pijama. It is simple gift that everyone needs, I absolutely love it!

And last but not least is gift from my bestie. We always buy each other little but cute gifts and I really liked this one. I liked this palette and it’s colours so much and the second part of this gift I think it’s interesting and I’ve never actually seen this kind of thing.

However, I really liked this year’s presents but mostly I liked how we were all together. Hope you enjoyed your holidays, too and happy 2021st!

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  1. You got lovely stuff :-D Yes being together is the most important gift, I agree :-D

  2. Oh so cute!
    Have a great day dear

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! Especially that Catrice eyeshadow palette. The colours are fabulous!
    the creation of beauty is art.

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