utorak, 9. siječnja 2018.

'5 affordable bags from Stylebest'

Hello everybody!
Another post I'm writing today and hope you'll like it... It's about 5 affordable bags from site Stylebest which you can find HERE.

Let's get into the post -->  

First bag I liked from this site is this one which is right now available in black, red and blue colour. Black is casual colour which goes with everything so I decided to show you this one. I usually don't like bags which has this shape, but I actually liked this one.

Shoulder Messenger Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

Second bag I really liked is this one... It's kind of special, actually I have never seen like this bag so I had to put it in this post... You can also buy it in red and black colour but I liked this one the best. 

Dual Purposes Shoulder Messenger Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

This one I liked because of all that details it has... You can find it in a little brighter version and in black version.  

Flower Mini PU Chain Shoulder Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

Next one is a little bigger than others but I like that kind of bags too. In other colours I don't like it that much but in this gray colour I like it very much. 

Fashion PU Tote Shoulder Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

This bag I liked in black colour but it isn't available anymore... Anyway it looks fine in this colour too, but I like it much more in black. 

Dual Buckles Cross Body Mini Bag: CLICK CLICK CLICK

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  1. Divna wishlista, posebno mi se dopada druga i četvrta torbica. A ovu rozu torbicu sam viđala i na drugim sajtovima, uvijek mi se sviđala, ali je nisam poručivala, jer ne znam kako bih je kombinovala.

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  2. Torbice su vrh♥


  3. Divne torbice si odabrala! Druga mi se posebno dopala! ♥♥♥

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  4. Love your stylish selection! Those bags are amazing

  5. Nice bags!

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