četvrtak, 11. siječnja 2018.


Welcome to another post!
Today I'm writing about one amazing site with very good and cheap offer. They sell a lot of things and I like many things from there. I'm talking about site YOINS which you can find HERE.

Today I'm going to show you a few thing I really liked there and before that you have to see their special offers...
And now I'm going to show you three things I really liked from there.  

First thing is this

Active Hooded Design High Waisted Velvet Tracksuit in Drak Blue.

I really liked it especially because of colour. This colour is amazing and I think it would go perfectly with heels. I really like this one!



Next thing I really liked is this

Silky Sexy Deep V-neck Backless Slip Dress in Yellow.

I really liked it because of it's colour. It looks so good and it is so elegant but also casual. It is for every opportunity. It would also go with heels very nicely.


 And last but not least are these

Black Suede Lace-up High Heels.

I have similar to these and I just love them so much. They are so pretty and they would go with this dress before very well. Love the part where it laces up.

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