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Hello everybody! I found out years ago amaizing website where you can order amazing clothes or shoes. The prices are great and available to everyone. 
They are having an amazing WHOLESALE clothing, you can click down there and see their page, it's awesome! It's based in Ljubljana, but shipping eveywhere around the Europe.

Here are a few dresses I really like : 

First dress I really liked is this one... This colour and the shape of it, apsolutely love it! This is great for occasions as weddings, proms or something similar. 

Second one I really liked is this beauuutiful dress also for occasions. Look at the details it has, amaizing! I am soooo in love with this dress.

And the last one I prepared is this one, I mean look at this gorgeous royal blue colour, isn't it one of the most beautiful colours. Also I love how this dress looks on a women and how it follows the figure.

However, another thing you should know about this site is that the minimal value is 150 euros and that you can mostly order dresses or jackets which is great because that are the most looked for things so WHOLESALE clothing is great if you're looking for something like that :)
The website is opened just to traders and shops than need furniture at great prices, private customers can not buy from this website.

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