srijeda, 27. veljače 2019.


Hello everybody!
Today I'm going to show you my Lilacoco wishlist for which I'm really satisfied with. There are soooo many beautiful things to buy I almost couldn't decided what to order. 

However it has the things that wear even famous like KylIe Jenner.
You can find it here --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

First thing on my wishlist is this amaizing dress, apsolutely love it!
It's perfect for Summer evenings, just love it!
You can find it here --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

Second thing I want for such a long time are these sunnies which are perfect for weather that is comming... However these are very popular lately so here they are if you want to order them --> CLICK CLICK CLICK

And last but not least is this awesome bikini, like look at it, PERFECT! 
they have much more bikinis so if you're interestest you better go check it out.
This one you can find --> HERE 

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