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Hello everybody!
Welcome to my new post! Today I’m going to write you about site that I have recently found. It’s awsome if you’re looking for a prom dress or perhaps for a dress for wedding. You can find it here - AW Bridal®
However if you aren’t sure about it you can read also the aw bridal Review.
I’m going to show you a few pieces that I really liked and if you’re interested just click on links ;)

First dress has an amazing colour, and I don't know for you, but that's my favourite this season. I also have my instagram feed in this colour so yeah, favvvv! 
I also like how this dress fits on girl, and I think it's great for wedding especially if you like simple dresses.
You can find it here - CLICK CLICK CLICK

Second dress is my second favourite colour, I really like these pastel colours and they are my go to for everything I buy. Also I think it's interesting that this dress has on one hand sleeve and on other nothing.
 You can find it here - CLICK CLICK CLICK

 And last but not least, is this a little shorter dress in yellow. It's so cute and it's great if you don't like long dresses and you want something elegant.
You can find it hereCLICK CLICK CLICK

At the almost end I wanna show you things for your hair. You can wear it to decorate your hair so it can look more elegant with it. You can find it by clicking on the blue letters - Nordstrom® .
Also wanted to show you Modcloth page which you can see by clicking on it.
And last but not least, similar to Nordstrom, you can find wedding accessories on AW bridal, too. If you’d like to order it just click here - AW Bridal Headpieces.


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