subota, 21. ožujka 2020.

Croatian literature - what to read during Corona?

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re feeling good. 
Today, while we all have to be in quarantine we can do all our hobbies and can also have fun in our four walls. I’m going to show you which books have I read and how did I like them. 

Dean Pelić : Njegova strana priče : Tebi 
What started out as a weekly column on one of the most popular daily news magazines in Croatia, quickly became one of the best selling books last year in just a few days after it’s release. For two years, Dean was writing a popular column called “His Side Of The Story” in which he was writing about his life, his career, but mostly about relationships, love and similar subjects. The column proved to be very popular among the readers. The numbers were showing tens of thousands of  readers every week. After it’s successful two years, Dean decided to finish the column the best way he could; the way that he knew that the readers wanted him to – with a book release of their favorite columns.” 

As a person who loves this kind of books, I was impressed at the beggining and loved the book. After some time of reading, I wasn’t that impressed and was a little bored with it. However, I can say it was a good book, I reccomend it to you if you like these kind of books. 
Rating : 4,0 

Jure Karamarko : Zara I., Zara II. 
I couldn’t find any summary on English so I’m going to tell you what is this book about. First of all, as you can see it has two parts. Each book has cca 70 pages so it’s not that long and you can read both of them as one book. This book is basically about two teenagers that fell in love with each other and that find out together that they love sports matches. Anyways these two books follow their lives and the book has great plot. In love with these books! 
Rating : 4,5 

Andrea Andrassy : Prekid 
This book also doesn’t have english summary, but I can say that this is one of my fav books. Like guys, this book is so funny and great, it’s so fun to read I can not tell you how much I enjoyed. A. Andrassy shows breakups on some other way, she shows them on one funny but yet useful and advisable way. 
Rating : 5.0 

*All books are written by Croatian writters.

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  2. Beautiful post, dear! I love your blog.

  3. Thank you. All these books and authors are new to me, and as a constant reader I am happy to have my horizons expanded.

  4. Great idea to enjoy time during self quarantine :)

  5. Personally, I don't like this type of book
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  6. Thank you for telling about the books you've read. In Russia we have quarantine too and I spend my time reading.

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  9. Thank you for the recommendations! I'm always looking for new things to read xo

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