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How do I keep my skin moisturized?

Good evening everyone! How are you? Today I thought I could give you some advices for keep your skin healthy, so I decided to show you my skin routine. I can’t remember when was actually the last time I showed you my skin routine but since it’s been a while, I thought why not. However, I’m going to show you my skin routine and how I keep my skin that way. This is just my case and my example and can’t be applied to any kind of skin so you should see your dermatologist if you have serious skin problems and acne. Now let’s get started! 

 First thing I always do is - tie the hair. You just don’t want to make your hair wet especially when it’s Winter. It can get very cold. Also, something that I do lately is, I don’t eat that much sweets as I did before and it really helps my skin and my health. Of course, there is always few cheat days in month, I mean who could make it without at least one bite of Sneakers? 

 Next thing I do is, I put my LA ROCHE - Posay lotion which helps me clean my skin from all the powder and other make-up dirt. I started using it half a year ago and it really helps me clean the pores. It’s available at every pharmacy shop. Also I used this Summer their sun cream and it was great for me but isn’t effective on every type of skin. 

 After I clean that up with warm water I use a mask. I started using it lately and I really like it. I always try some new masks and this looked sooo damn good that I just had to buy it at Muller. It’s limited edition so I’m not sure if it’s still available but I liked it definetely. 

 After few minutes, I clean a mask too, and at the end I put some moisturizing cream because this lotion dries my skin. 

 Also I like to put my lip balm on the lips because they are always dry. I have this lip balm which is hand made and my brother bought it for me. Ingridients are coconut oil, cocoa, butter, bee wax and orange oil. I’m using it for some time and I love the way it makes my lips soft, also it smells like cake.

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  1. Great post and cool cosmetics, thank you very much :)

  2. It is great that you have such a solid routine in place. I love a lot of Nivea products! Following you :)

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    Excellent purchases!

  4. Thank you for the good pieces of advice! I also like the Nivea cream.

  5. Is this a sheet mask? I love sheet masks. They are so simple in use. ;)

  6. Hello!! a really interesting post, thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm following you now, I hope that you can follow me back.


  7. Well Timed Post - Excellent - Also, I Stovetop Pop My Corn In Coconut Oil - Lots Of Clarity In These Photos


  8. Very good products :) I really like Nivea cosmetics :) Cheers! Following you :)

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    Great products!!

  10. Ohh I love nivea. I use it everyday to moisturize.

  11. Before I used Effaclar and love it so much. It is so nourishing.

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  12. Nice post.