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Good morning everyone!
Hope you are enjoying your day and I hope you will have fun while reading this post.
I am so excited for today's post. I can say this is one of my favourite collabs I have ever had and this is actually second time I have a collab with them. You can check out my last post to see how my first collab with Femme Luxe turned out. Last Post visit by clicking.
FEMME LUXE is online shopping site based in Manchester, UK. When I visited this site I was so surprised with clothes they sell, like literally I liked EVERYTHING. However, at the end I decided and ordered 4 items and they arrived in one week which is pretty fast.
I am going to show you items I ordered, I am soooo satisfied with clothes, I highly recommend it to you, and I hope you will enjoy this post. 

In my last post I ordered the same Crop Loungewear Set but in different colour. I was so surprised how it's sooo comfy and yet it looks awesome, so I decided I am going to order TWO more. This one has that basic grey colour, but the other one's colour is delightful, you will see. I like how this Grey Crop Loungewear Set shapes your whole body. It is 53 % off now so that is pretty cool and it costs only - £18.99.
 I ordered Grey Crop Loungewear Set - Deanna in the size S/M, or in the UK size 8/10 and it fits perfectly.
The second thing I ordered is Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trousers which are gorgeous. I mean you can wear them with heels, with sneakers (as I did on the photo), like with everything and it looks awesome. I ordered this Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trousers  in UK size 8 and it fits me pretty well. I shall only put a belt on it but I love how my back looks in it.
It is 50 % off and you can buy it for only  £19.99, but you can get extra 10 % off with discount CODE : TKE10.

 As I promised I am going to show you another Sage Crop Loungewear Set  in colour deanna which is so cosy and I like it a lot! This one is must have from Femme Luxe site in any colour because it is awesome and so cheap for what you are getting. I have worn these nike air force but literally you can wear heels with it, too. It is in size 8/10 - S/M and it fits perfectly. You can find it for £18.99 only because of 53 % off discount. This Sage Crop Loungewear Set looks green in reality, but on this photo it looks almost grey. Visit their site so you can see the colour better, love that colour!

Hope you liked this kind of a post, because I really enjoyed in process of making it. It was so fun and I am glad we have made another collab, their clothes is perfect, I love literally every piece they sell. Let me know if you are going to order something, or if you have already ordered before something. Also let me know which outfit did you like the most and why. Love you all,
goodbye 'till next post! :)

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  2. The styling is everything!
    What blogger template you are using pls?

  3. Beautiful outfits. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  4. Your style is the best! Which blogger theme you are using pls?

  5. You’re awesome! Your blog always inspire me to try new things with my clothing!

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