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Hello everyone and welcome to my new post!
As you can see I had again chance and ordered something from now one of my fav online shopping store. This time I wanted it to be a little bit more interesting so I decided my mom will help me with ordering. Actually the thing she did was to decide what to order. I just told her I want two dresses and two T-shirts and she did orded that. I am pretty satisfied with her choice but you let me know in comments what you think about it! Let’s begin.

FEMME LUXE is online shopping site based in Manchester, UK. When I visited this site I was so surprised with clothes they sell, like literally I liked EVERYTHING. However, at the end I decided and ordered 4 items and they arrived in one week which is pretty fast.
I am going to show you items I ordered, I am soooo satisfied with clothes, I highly recommend it to you, and I hope you will enjoy this post. 

First item is this beauuuuutiful Black PU High Neck Mini Dress My mom kinda has that fetish on leather so I expected she’ll find something with leather on and I am pretty happy with her choice. I’ve never had this kind of Black PU High Neck Mini Dress so I am like sooo impressed actually with it and how it looks and I just can’t wait for opportunity to wear it. I’m so in love with femme luxe dresses.
It is in size 8.

Second thing which I needed so badly is this Grey Marl Cropped Oversized T-Shirt which is basic and oversized but that is the reason I like it so much. You can wear it with literally everything you want but I liked how it looks with basic black shorts. My mom ordered it in S size but it says it’s oversized and because of that my sleeves are this big. I like so much these oversized things, so this wasn’t problem of mine at all. My mom didn’t realized it is oversized but she did a great job not even realizing it haha!

Next thing is this Lilac Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt in my fav lila colour! This shirt is actually so in trend and my mom didn’t even realized it. It is tie dye trend which you probably heard of already and I was planning to buy something like this and at the end my mom ordered it for me. I love it so much! I think I’m going to wear this Lilac Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt all Summer!

And last but not least is this AWSOME Sage Mesh Overlay Long Sleeve Mini Dress. As you can see me and my mom love this green colour so badly that she just had to order me something in this colour. I liked it so much when I saw it, it has this great green pastel colour and amaizing shape of dress. I also like these sleeves and how you can wear it with heels, sandals and even sneakers. This item is in size S, too.

Hope you liked this kind of a post, because I really enjoyed in process of making it. It was so fun and I am glad we have made another collab, their clothes is perfect, I love literally every piece they sell. Let me know if you are going to order something, or if you have already ordered before something. Also let me know which outfit did you like the most and tell me what do you think about my mom's choices. Love you all,
goodbye 'till next post! :)

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  2. Beautiful outfits, especially this black dress :)

  3. Everything is so fantastic! I really love that tie dyed t-shirt. It is super cute!
    the creation of beauty is art.