petak, 11. rujna 2020.


 Hello everyone and welcome to my new post!

Recently I have found new site called FeelingGirlDress and I had to share it with you. I really liked the design of the site and I liked the things they sell.

Striking Light Blue Round Collar Twist Dye Print T-Shirt

 First thing I really liked is this blue dye print T-shirt which I really like and have similar at home. If you have seen these kind of trends, you know how many people wear these lately. 

This type of blouses you can find by clicking here - blouse wholesale

By clicking on this link you can find many shirt and blouses... Every T-shirt is casual and breathable which is perfect for Summer.

I found also very pretty blouses which look stunning and elegant.


Dainty Khaki Cardigan Open Front Pockets Knit Wholesale Online 

One of great things they sell are cardigans which you can find here - cheap cardigans

They look very nice, are cheap and look like they are soooo comfy. You can find every type you want because they have  so many different ones.

This one costs  $11.29 but the prices are usually from $8,99 to $11,29, so they are really cheap. 

You literally have in every colour you want and in every shape you want so check it out.

Double Belt Black Big Size Latex Waist Trainer For Loss Weight

 As you can see they have many other offers which is pretty great for one site. You literally have every piece of clothes on their site. As you can see you can order latex waist trainer for loss weight and the thing which is amazing is that you can order it min. in XS size and max. in 8XL size.

So if you are looking for clothing site - Choose Feelingirldress

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  1. I dont know this site :) good to know

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  2. This is a site I don't know, but nice choices :-D

  3. Lovely post! Thank you very much for your sharing!

  4. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing FeelingGirlDresspost. I really like it. xoxo fashion for women

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