četvrtak, 6. kolovoza 2020.

Extra outfits / Mirror selfies by Femme Luxe

Good morning everyone!

Today I am going to show you some beautiful pieces from Femme Luxe site. They have like brutal new clothing every few weeks and I absolutely love it! First thing I have to say is that they have amazing dresses, I mean I like 95% of them is stunning. So if you are in hurry and don’t know what to buy for some occasion you can always check out their site. So first of all I am going to show you one dress I ordered.

My closet is now full of Femme Luxe dresses and this is one of them. I decided to order one Red Square Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress because let’s be honest - red dress is always an answer, right? I like how it looks and how it fits. It is in size M becuase I think I’m going to give it to a friend, but it fits me almost perfectly. I think S would be a little better, but however, this isn’t for me so it doesn’t matter. Perfect classic dress, I love it.

As I said to all of my friends, right now my favourite colour is lilac and I absolutely want everything in it. I already ordered one oversized T-shirt and now I saw that there is new top in that colour. I was so happy when I saw it that I ordered it immediately! I ordered this Lilac Ribbed V Front Top in S size but I think M would be a little bit better. Anyways, I can’t wait to combine it with everything because it really goes with everything haha. This is now my favourite casual top I have.

As you’ve probably already seen I really like these kinds of oversized things. I ordered this Mid Blue Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt in size L and it really looks oversized. I think this will go well with bike shorts or as a dress. I like how it looks with this messy bun, too haha. I have already ordered it in lila colour, but I wanted it in this colour, too. It is also available in pink colour.

And last but definetely not least is this amazing top, like guys this is my favourite top ever. This White Tie Front Organza Mesh Sleeve Crop Top is so classy, elegant and yet can be combined with everything. The only thing I don’t like is material of sleeves. These sleeves are a little bit too rough for my skin but I don’t really care about it because it looks stunning! It is also in site S.

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  1. Nice photos for a great review :))    


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  2. I got this top in black, is so cool!!!😘

  3. Amazing post, dear! I love to read your blog so much. You are beautiful.
    Have to nice day!


  4. wow love these outfits! Femme Luxe always have great outfits x